How To Be Prepared For Fall Registration

By Megan Menchaca

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Undergraduate registration at UT Austin goes from April 16 to April 27, which is less than three weeks away. And of you are anything like me, you’re already freaking out about registering for classes. Especially after the release of the fall schedule, it’s incredibly important to be prepared for registration. Being prepared early is crucial for a successful registration and to calm those pre-registration nerves, so here are some tips to make sure you get all of the classes you need.



1. Talk to your advisor

One of the most important aspects to making sure you have a solid plan for your classes is to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Your advisor will be the best person to direct you on the best classes for you, personally. Even if you aren’t required to meet with them, it’s good to have an outside opinion to consider when you’re looking at classes. Especially if you’re considering changing or adding majors, it’s critical to talk to your advisor and figure out the rest of your time at UT Austin.



2. Find an old syllabus

Syllabi for nearly every class at UT are available online here, and they’re usually updated every semester for every class that was previously offered. If you’re considering taking a class, consider studying a former syllabus to see what this class is about, how the class is structured, and how many exams you’ll have to take. Syllabi will also let you know about homework, if laptops are allowed, and the contact information of your future professors. And while a syllabus can change, it will almost certainly give at least a helpful overview of most classes on campus.



3. Remain calm

The best piece of advice for class registration to consider is to stay calm. Registration can cause a lot of nerves, especially if you’ve got a late slot and your desired classes have filled up. But just because you didn’t get into a class the first time doesn’t mean you can’t get wait-listed or take it another semester. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, because college is all about challenges and new experiences.