TACO TUESDAY: Victorina’s Foods

By Morgan Kuehler

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Like any good Austinite, I am a purveyor of fine tacos. They make a good meal anytime of the day. Austin has its fair share of places to get tacos, but I may have found the best one. Who knew that such delicious tacos could be found in a gas station parking lot right off 35? Cynthia Pineda, the woman who owns this amazing taco truck, is quite possibly one of the kindest women I have ever met. The first time I visited the truck she was more than happy to take time to chat with me and constantly remind me that “if it’s not on the menu, I’ll still make it for you.” Everytime I have visited this truck Cynthia has given me the kindest, warmest, most welcoming service imaginable. She always makes sure you have enough napkins and sauce. However, I think my favorite thing is that she always tells me about the new things she’s offering. This last time it was barbacoa.


When you visit Victorina’s Foods you can’t really go wrong. Personally, I love the sausage and egg breakfast taco. She uses slices of linked sausage as opposed to ground sausage in the taco. I was surprised to learn that she does not make her own tortillas, because they taste very fresh. Typically, I don’t like corn tortillas as much, but I really love her’s. And if tacos aren’t really your thing, she is eager to serve you pancakes, waffles, or french toast (even though it’s not on the menu)!


Her “lunch” tacos don’t disappoint either. She tops each one with fresh radish slices, adobo cream, and fresh cilantro and onion. Additionally, the tacos are served with salsa rojo (amazingly spicy), salsa verde, and pickled onions and jalapenos. Any of these tacos are great, but I am not kidding you when I say that the shrimp and cactus taco changed my life. It was easily the best taco I have ever had. The shrimp were grilled with a tasty rub on them, then sauteed with the cactus. The heavy flavors of the shrimp and cactus contrasted with the light, fresh flavor of the radish and adobo sauce are out of this world.


Victorina’s Foods, 3807 N IH 35, is not to be missed.


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