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Executive alliance candidate guide: Part two

By Megan Menchaca

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On Monday, executive alliance candidates, along with candidates for university wide representative and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Texan, attended a debate hosted by the Daily Texan.


At the Student Activity Center, candidates for President and Vice President of the university shared their platforms and questioned the other students on their policies. The candidates primarily talked about the importance of increasing student engagement and how they would counteract the negative reputation that Student Government has accumulated.


Here is part two of the profiles of the six executive alliance candidates who attended.


Bryce and Vikram


Bryce Fuller is the founder and President of the Quantum Computing Initiative at UT Austin, an Undergraduate researcher with the Akinwande Nanotechnology Group and an ECE Undergraduate Advisory Board Computer Engineering Representative.


Vikram Sundaram is the founder and former President of The Classic Society, an organization which strived to promote debate and discussion on campus.


Parts of their platform include the creation of an ambassador program in which representatives from each student organization will attend a weekly coffee chat and the promotion of civil discourse throughout campus. The rest of their platform will be left to students with concerns.


More information about the candidates can be found here, on their campaign Facebook. 


Goss and Lee



Austin Goss currently serves as Capitol Correspondent for Empower Texans and Texas Scorecard, and as a member of the Army ROTC program and the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter


Denny Lee also serves as a member of the Army ROTC program.


Parts of their platform includes removing the stipend of that President and Vice President receive and moving the funds to SUREwalk and creating a transcript trust fund to generate revenue to buy transcripts for the students.


More information about the candidates can be found here and here, on their respective Facebook pages.


Joshua and Chison




Joshua Richardson is currently an Equal Opportunities in Engineering (EOE Tutor) and a member of Lion’s Club, the Harry Potter Alliance, and was formerly a Longhorn Legislative Aide, an Engineering School Representative, and a Teaching Assistant for the Power Electronics Lab


Chison Liu is currently an Undergraduate Research Assistant and was formerly a volunteer for Blue Santa, Lion’s Club and Key Club.


Parts of their platform include adding feminine hygiene products and two-ply toilet paper to restrooms on campus, making printing free on campus, reducing the price for dining hall food for off-campus students, making the parking rules less restrictive and removing miscellaneous student fees for items like transcripts.


More information about the candidates can be found here, on their campaign Facebook.


The other executive alliance candidates who attended the debate included Guneez Ibrahim and Hannah McMorris, Guneez Ibrahim and Hannah McMorris, and Aakash Saraiya and Daniel Noble Hernandez, who were featured in part one of this series here.