Why I Decided to get a Personal Trainer

By Erin ODonnell

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I am the type of person who makes a resolution to lose weight, go to the gym more, and just overall become healthier every year. However, while I know it is good for me to exercise and eat healthily, I have trouble staying on track to reach my goals.


Because of this pattern, every year I make the same resolution and achieve the same results: nothing as changed. This year, however, I wanted it to be different, but I didn’t know when or how to start. My wakeup call that something needed to change happened last Wednesday, when two events occurred.


My Wakeup Calls


Personal Trainer



  1. To get into my car from the parking lot, I had to enter through the passenger’s side, as I could not wedge myself between my car and another car. While this was a huge inconvenience, it made me realize that one day, neither option would be available, and if I kept my lifestyle up, even driving one day would become impossible for me.
  2. The Shooting in Parkland, Florida- I am in no way attempting to make light of this heinous act of violence, and I will be first to say that the courage these young adults are showing in the face of adversity is astonishing. But the attack made me realize that if I had to run away from danger, I would not be able to get far on foot. Realizing that my life was on the line, I needed to change.


The Beginning of Change


Personal Trainer

Comedy Central


That evening I signed up for a gym membership, even signing a 12-month contract to make sure I would go, as I would be throwing money away if I didn’t.  On Friday, I went to the gym for the first time in person, and was anxious beyond belief, to say I felt like a fish out of water would be an understatement, but I persisted and walked in.


Upon entering the building, I was greeted by the staff, and one of the personal trainers offered me a free session that was provided to all new members. After speaking to him for a few minutes, I decided to give it a try, I mean if I didn’t like it, I didn’t waste any money, and it would only be one hour of my time I lost.


My First Session with My Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer



However, on Monday during our 3:00 p.m. sessions, I ended up loving it. I loved that there was somebody that was making sure my form was okay, making sure that I was controlling my breath, even making sure I wouldn’t fall, and he was fun to just talk to, working out with him was like working out with a friend.


During our session, he explained the science behind our workout and even made sure we went at my pace. While I may have psyched myself out by reading countless horror stories of personal trainers from hell, I can honestly say that I am lucky that my personal trainer was not like any of the stories I read. At the end of our sessions, I ended up buying the five-session training pack because I enjoyed it that much.


My personal trainer was somebody who listened to my goals and informed me of ways to incorporate these goals into my life when we weren’t training. And even though I haven’t spent much time training with him yet, I have a strong feeling that we’re going to get along just great.




Personal Trainer

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After years of giving up on working out and excepting a fate of being overweight for the rest of my life, I feel after that one session that I will gain the tools needed to get myself out of my resolution hole and for once in my life complete a goal I set for myself in the new year. I finally have the motivation to get myself an exercise routine.


This year I want to give myself the greatest gift of all, a healthy lifestyle, and truthfully, I believe that before I can continue doing it myself, I need a personal trainer to show me the way.