Valentine’s Day Gift Survey: What Do UT Students Want?

By Caitlan Burns

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Valentine’s Day is creeping up on campus. There are banners, people offering candy and representatives of the UHS Office of Health Promotion are giving away condoms. The holiday, which is often called a conspiracy of candy and greeting card companies, is quickly approaching.


Valentine’s Day is Wednesday this year. There’s something hilarious about the fact that it’s on hump day, a day when people are notoriously unhappy because the week is at its halfway point. The day is already quite stressful. Will I get something? Will it be something nice? Is my sweetie going to forget and grab something twenty minutes before? There’s a reason even gas stations are filled with items in red and pink at this time of year.




The pressure on men in traditional heterosexual relationships is pretty high. Waiting for the gift can be pretty nerve-wracking as well and people in all sorts of relationships expect some sort of token of affection. There are also those who reject the idea of being forced to put so much importance on proving one’s love through bonbons and decapitated plant-life.




Personally, I like Valentine’s Day, mostly for the candy and all the pretty colors. The world just smells sweeter. I like getting things for people I like regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender. Individual candies are cheap, and as we learned in kindergarten, sharing is caring. Also, people who get gifts are more likely to give gifts later on and my birthday is only a few months away.


In an effort to focus on thinking about what we would want instead of what we may or may not get, I’ve done a survey. I went out and asked people on West Mall and I asked my classmates what they would want as a Valentine’s Day gift. Mostly women answered which is a shame since everybody deserves something, males included. I did ask if anyone had any comments, but I didn’t get any. One person liked my shirt, though. It features an image of Deadpool holding out his beating heart so perhaps that’s a comment by itself.


Hopefully, the results I collected will help anyone who hasn’t picked out a gift for friends, family or that special someone.


Question: What do you want for a Valentine’s Day Gift?

A. A traditional gift (flowers, jewelry, candy)

B. An event (concert, dinner or a movie)

C. Something silly (a keychain, something fun)

D. Anything

E. Physical Affection (cuddling or a hug counts


Here are the results from 15 students:


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