8 Inexpensive Gifts for Everyone on Your Shopping List

By Megan Menchaca

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As college students, it feels like December is becoming less and less about the holiday cheer and more and more about the insanity which accompanies final exams. However, in between the all-nighters in the PCL and the hours spent going through homemade flashcards, it’s still incredibly important to remember to purchase gifts for your family members and friends during this holiday season. So, while everything on this list of gifts won’t be perfect for everyone you know, there will almost assuredly be one thing that is.



Dogs of Instagram

Maybe it’s because I’m definitely a dog person, but I honestly can’t think of anything better than a book that’s composed solely of more than 400 dogs. Every page that you’ll find in this book contains profiles about the most adorable dogs around the world, all of which you can find on Instagram after reading. So, if you’ve got anyone in your life who enjoys looking at dogs or loves reading books, this is the perfect purchase for you, especially because you can find it here for only $10.



Yankee Candle Collection

From the scents of gingerbread maple to sugared apple, there’s probably a holiday season-themed Yankee candle smell for everyone. They may technically be prohibited in UT dorm rooms and a few local Austin apartment buildings. But if someone in your family can find a place for them in their home, there’s truly nothing like the smell of a festive aroma filling a house. So, if you’re really interested in adding a fragrance, you can just get one here for only $11.



Anker Portable Charger

It may just be me, but I’m honestly not sure if I could live without my portable charger. But even so, whenever I’m inevitably on a long bus ride around the state of Texas or watching the Longhorns lose football games at DKR, it always seems that someone needs to borrow mine. And while there’s technically a variety of chargers you could purchase for your friends and family this Christmas, Anker offers one online here for only $15.



Holiday Socks Set

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you know that the world has become obsessed with holiday socks. But while socks used to have a reputation for being boring and unsentimental gifts, they’ve now become some of the most requested gifts by everyone who likes to be cozy and comfy when they’re relaxing over winter break. And the only thing better than holiday socks are holiday socks from Target. You can find 10 pairs here for $15.



State Keychains

When I first saw these keychains here for $18, I didn’t know what to think. But when you purchase these for parents or friends or siblings living away from your current home, they’ll serve as a great reminder of the time you have spent with them, especially in other states. If you want, you can even buy yourself one to put on your keychain so you’ll always remember the childhood you spent in a different state with your loved ones.



Fizz & Bubble Spa Bath Truffles

The only thing that people are more obsessive about on Twitter right now than fluffy socks are bath bombs, and these bath bombs here are the cream of the crop. Not only do they look and feel super interesting to roll around in the palm of your hand, but they’re also somehow fizzy while also being smooth on the skin whenever you throw them in a bathtub. If you’ve got a bathtub nearby and want to experience these bath bombs, you can get them for only $20 here.



Game of Phones

In today’s world dominated by technology, it can be difficult to get anyone to sit down to play board games. However, the Games of Phones offers a solution. Through the cards provided by the game, you’ll be able to not only bond with your friends and family over the holidays, but you’ll be able to do it with apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’ve got anyone in your family who’s a fan of board games, even if it’s you, you can purchase it here for $20.




Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette

It’s a pretty particular and specific gift, but the Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette is a great one for anyone in your life who is interested with makeup. Especially with all of the vibrant and unique color options offered in this color palette, it would be a great gift for your new college best friend or your friend from home. And while some other palettes only offer a few colors at a high price, this one is incredibly high-quality and is the perfect gift to get here, especially for only $23.