Hope Outdoor Gallery Moving to New Location in 2018

By Megan Menchaca

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According to the Austin-American Statesman, Austin’s iconic graffiti park, also known as HOPE Outdoor Gallery, will be expanding and relocating to Carson Creek Ranch by the end of 2018.


Since the gallery was created seven years ago, its temporary location in downtown Austin has become a popular tourist destination for artists and photographers, but the location hasn’t been able to keep up with the traffic or trash accumulation. Because of this, the nonprofit Helping Other People Everywhere, which manages the gallery, has been looking for a permanent home since 2013.


“It was a journey,” Andi Scull Cheatham, founder and executive producer of HOPE Events, said. “We always knew that (the location on Baylor Street) was temporary, so by the time we started seriously looking at new locations, we knew what it needed based on years’ worth of data.”


In a recent press release, members with HOPE say the new location, located at 9507 Sherman Rd. will allow for the growing crowds by including a parking lot and more wall space. The current location has averaged nearly 500 visitors per day and has hosted more than 300 artists, which does not include the number of undocumented art pieces on the grounds.


“It’s been an incredible journey finding the perfect permanent home for this project. We had no idea that a temporary art experiment would become so well loved, so internationally recognized, and so needed in our culture and city. This new, evolved art park will be a special place for the community to call their own,” Cheatham said.


With the construction of Carson Creek Ranch, HOPE plans to have extended wall space for artists; daily public open hours; art classes for youths and adults; lockable areas to protect the artwork; parking and restrooms. The gallery will also bring one of the walls from its current location to Carson Creek Ranch as a memorial wall commemorating the art park’s roots.


The owner of the new property, Mid-City Development, is a local real estate development firm specializing in urban, multi-family projects and is currently working to figure out the best outcome for the space. The Carson Creek location will begin construction in early 2018, with a projected opening of end of 2018.


If you want more information about the move, click here.