Books to Give as Gifts This Holiday Season

By Erin ODonnell

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The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year, and for good reasons, just like Oprah, I love giving gifts. As the only appropriate time of the year to give gifts to everybody in your life without getting a suspicious side-eye, this is the time of year I work my magic. As a bibliophile, there is nothing I love gifting more than books. No matter how difficult someone is to shop for, or what various interest they have, there is always a perfect book to give as a gift this holiday season.


100 Books Scratch Off Poster



Uncommon Goods


Okay, this is not a book, but if you’re like me and you have a friend in your life who has already read every single book you can think of then the 100 Books Scratch Off Poster is the perfect gift for them. This poster not only tracks all the books your friends have read but might even show them what books they still need to read. This is also the perfect gift to give to a friend who enjoys a good challenge and wants to improve their library in the process.



“Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith




We all have that creative friend who a little hard to shop for as finding the perfect gift is harder than it should be. However, “Wreck This Journal” is the gift that keeps on giving and allows their creative energy to flow. This book enables its users to be as creative and destructive as they want to be and never gets boring. Plus, when you are done with the book, you can buy another and start the creative destruction all over again.



“The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood





While the Hulu adaption took the world by storm this year, the original book by Margaret Atwood is just as good, if not better. Perfect for the people in your life who enjoy well written dystopian fiction, the world of “The Handmaid’s Tale” depicts a future we pray will never happen. Through Atwood carefully crafted sentences, you will be at the edge of your seat with every turn of the page. 



“Bad Girls Throughout History” by Ann Shen


Urban Outfitters


“Bad Girl Throughout History” is the perfect gift for the history buff in your life. This book depicts the fantastic women of history, those both well known and newly discovered by society. The beautiful artwork is just the icing on the cake to this stunning collection to these amazing women and all they have accomplished. Plus, this book can be enjoyed by readers both young and old.



“The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur



Poetry has been making a comeback in mainstream literature, and Rupi Kaur is at the forefront of it all. In “The Sun and Her Flowers“, her second collection of poems, Kaur explores themes of loss, migration, healing, and femininity. While this book is perfect for any friend who enjoys reflecting on the world and themselves, “The Sun and Her Flowers” is also the ideal first book for any budding poetry lovers bookshelf.



“Bossypants” by Tina Fey




Let’s Face it, Tina Fey is like the cool aunt we all wished we had. In her memoir “Bossypants,”Fey showcases her writing talents, as well as the witty sense of humor we all know and love her for. This book is perfect for the women in your life who are going to take the world by the horns, but who might need some guidance from someone who has done so herself. “Bossypants” is also the perfect gift to give yourself, as Fey is sure to leave you in stitches with every word.



“How To Cook Everything: The Basics” by Mark Bittman




As college students it hard to find the time to cook yourself a nice meal, and takeout and fast food are just easier to deal with. However, that does not mean we should never learn how to make the basics. Cooking is a skill that everybody should have some experience in. You do not have to be the best, but you should know how to cook an egg. “How to Cook Everything: The Basics” is perfect for the friend in your life who might need some help getting a jump start in the culinary process.