Jenny Robson and her son Ben
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Sharp Cuts In Texas Medicaid Services Harms Children With Disabilities

By James Treuthardt

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Measures to cut spending costs has led to a large decline in Medicaid services for children with severe disabilities.


When state leaders transfered Medicaid services for disabled children to managed care organizations, which include private companies and hospital advocates, parents suffered a huge blow.


While the transition to managed care organizations has saved Texas billions of dollars, hundreds of disabled children now suffer through a reduction in Medicaid services. This means longer waits for prescription drugs, limited access to therapy services, and even the possibility of being removed from Medicaid.


These reductions in services have harmed many families with disabled children in Texas, among them Jenny Robson and her 10-year-old son, Ben Sears. Ben was hit by a truck and denied Medicaid services despite his inability to stand, talk or even eat without using a feeding tube.


“This therapy is crucial. It’s my only link to get my child back. It’s my only hope,” said Robson through tears.


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