10 Palettes to *Fall* in Love With

By Jordan Auzenne

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Fall is in full-swing, and as the heat winds down and holidays start rolling in, why wait for Hanukah or Christmas to get your beauty fix when you can start now? Here are 10 of the hottest palettes around, so you can start shimmering long before the fireplace does.


The Steals

The UCANBE highlighter palette

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon


With brilliant peach, violet and aqua shifts, this is a spot-on dupe for the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic palette. These fluorescent hues will help you glow on a budget. I’m buying it as I type.

Price: $9.89



The My Little Pony Palette from ColourPop

Source: ColourPop


This retro palette delivers sparkly pigments and pops of color with a whimsical vibe that brings you right back to those 90s days in front of the TV. It’s perfect for those nights when you want to stand out, but also has gorgeous pinks and cranberries for turkey with the fam.

Price: $16.00



This Coastal Scents Revealed Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Source: Amazon


This palette packs a punch, delivering pumpkin-spiced fall color that will work with every skin tone. With the multitude of shadows in this palette, you’re bound to find your new everyday go-to’s.

Price: $19.95



A Beauty Glazed Rose Gold palette

Source: Amazon


Beauty Glazed makes a perfect dupe for the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette. The pigmentation is surprising, including everything from foiled gold to deep olive hues.

Price: $10.00



Grab the Stowaway Smokey Eye Palette.

Source: Stowaway Cosmetics


This gorgeous day-to-night palette is literally the size of a credit card. It’ll become your best friend for those impromptu study group-to-Sixth Street transformations. It’s a little pricey, but reviews say it’ll last five-ever, and the convenience is worth it.

Price: $26.00



The Splurges

The Nubian by Juvia’s

Source: Amazon


This beautiful neutral palette is receiving hella hype because of how amazing and pigmented it looks on every skin tone. If you value shadows with depth and dimension but not too much flash, these shades are definitely an investment.

Price: $36.67



MAC’s anticipated Basic Bitch Palette

Source: MAC


Of  MAC’s many new Girls palettes, “Basic Bitch” is definitely the most versatile, with eight satiny-pearly-creamy shadows and a highlighter to top it off. They literally encourage you to “throw back some rosé and snap a selfie” in their new colors. And who are we to argue with MAC???

Price: $39.50



KAT VON D’s Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette

Source: Kat Von D


This rosy palette is unexpectedly soft compared to the usual grudge of the Von D line, but we’re not complaining! The gorgeous cheek-eye combinations work to create three distinct moods, shimmer, sass and sweet. Or, mix it up with these gorgeously layered but perfectly complemented shades.

Price: $49.00



The Luminizer Quad by RMS Beauty

Source: RMS Beauty


If you’re like me and would give it all up for the glow, this highlight palette is a necessity. The amazing shine brings glamour to any occasion but is blendable enough to pretend that you’re just a natural source of light, making this your new favorite cheekbone staple. Move over, sun.

Price: $48.00



Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Subculture Eye Shadow Palette

Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills


Name one time that Anastasia has ever failed us before? She still hasn’t with this palette, *perfectly* curated to match those autumn colors that Austin doesn’t actually get. With 14 gorgeous and distinct shades, you won’t even need to be mad that you can’t dive into a pile of leaves, because you can dive into this palette instead.

Price: $42.00



Now go forth and slay this season!