Off Campus Housing Guide: Part Three

By Megan Menchaca

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If you’re like me, it may feel like everyone around you has gotten their off-campus living situations for next year all figured out.  Although while it may feel like it, you’re not the only one struggling to find housing near campus. If this sounds exactly like you, make sure you check out part one and part two of this series here and here respectively. But, if you have already read both of those articles and are looking for something that would suit your style a bit more, keep reading for even more options in the final part of this series.



Rio West

While Rio West is an apartment complex technically located less in West Campus, it’s definitely more on the far north end. While the rent here ranges on the low end, from anywhere from $699 to $1075 a month, apartments at Rio West still have access to cable and internet, a washer and dryer in unit, parking, a pool and a fitness center. To get an apartment here, you’ll have to sign a 12-month lease for a one, two, three or four bedroom unit. So, if you’re interested in living next to your friends in sorority houses, trying to save some money next year, or just want to move a little closer to a Whataburger, Rio West is the place for you.



The Quarters on Campus

The Quarters on Campus is probably one of the most unique housing options near UT Austin. While many other places offer one location, the Quarters offers six. At these six living spaces, you can live in one, two, three or four bedroom apartments, which includes access to cable and internet, parking, a pool, a fitness center and a washer/dryer in unit. So, if that sounds interesting to you, and your budget is anywhere between $825 to $1200 per month, sign your 6 or 12 month lease soon.



Axis West

If your price range is from $790 to $1010 per month, Axis West is the perfect place for you, Here, you can get a 12-month lease for one, two, three 0r four bedroom apartments here. This lease will include internet, stainless appliances, parking, a washer and dryer in unit, fitness center and access to a pool. If you’re interested in being located even closer to the heart of West Campus, and aren’t interested in Rio West, Axis West might be the perfect place for you.



Regents West at 26th

But if you’re interested in living off-campus while also living with a bunch of your friends, the rooms at Regents West @ 26th might be the best place for you. These one, two, three, four, or five bedroom apartments include access to cable, internet, parking and stainless appliances. But like all apartments around campus, these 12-month leases from $750 to $1250 per month are disappearing fast. So, if you’re interested, make sure to head over to Regents West at 26th to get your next apartment for next year.



2400 Nueces

If you’re looking for something even more upscale, 2400 Nueces might be the perfect place for you. Similarly to Regents West, apartments at 21 Rio involve signing a 12-month lease, but unlike the previously described apartment complex, 2400 Nueces only offers one, two, three or four bedroom apartments. But even if you’re interested in all the amenities 2400 Nueces has, including internet, a washer and dryer in unit, granite countertops, computer lab, lounge, a pool and a fitness center, the price range of $600 to $1717 per month may be a little high for the average student budget.


Hopefully, after listing out 15 different potential locations for your off-campus housing situation next year, you’ve been able to find the perfect place for you. But if you haven’t yet found the place for you in this series, don’t despair. UT is already stressful enough without having to think about housing. Even though these three different articles in this series provided a summary of the large majority of the housing options in West Campus, there’s still many more options for you to explore, until you find the perfect living space for you.