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Off-Campus Housing Guide: Part Two

By Megan Menchaca

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Even if you haven’t already read part one of this series, located here, you know that housing season is finally upon us. At least for many students, the combination of apartments going so quickly and the second round of midterms can lead to insane amounts of stress. Sometimes, it may even feel like by the time you figure out where you want to live, all of the rooms will be gone. Fortunately, instead of checking out website after website, scrolling through pages for hours, you can just keep reading this series to satisfy all of your housing needs.



Aspen Heights

Opening in fall of 2018, Aspen Heights offers a modern living option for students in near West Campus. Their one, two, three, four and five bedroom apartments are fully-furnished and contain in-unit washer and dryers, storage space and a smart TV. But their selections are going fast, so if you’re interested in access to a 24-hour fitness center, computer and study lounges, game rooms, a rooftop pool and grilling areas for anywhere from $1130 to $1625 a month, check out Aspen Heights soon.



The Block On Pearl

Like the name suggests, The Block is located on Pearl Street (just behind Pluckers), and is housed in two different buildings, Pearl North and Pearl South. And if your price range is from $795 to $1175 per month, you can get a 12-month lease for one, two, three, four or five bedroom apartments here. They’ll include cable and internet, washer and dryer in unit, stainless appliances, access to a pool and granite countertops. But if after visiting, the Block on Pearl doesn’t seem right for you, the Block has many other locations throughout West Campus, including on 23rd, 25th and 28th Street.


Villas on Guadalupe

If you’re interested in living in between the two best queso locations in Austin, Kerbey Lane and Torchy’s Tacos, Villas on Guadalupe is the perfect place for you. Here, you can lease a one, two, three or four bedroom apartment with cable and internet, a washer/dryer in unit, parking, a pool and a fitness center. But like all apartments around campus, these 12-month leases from $825 to $1249 per month are disappearing fast. So, if you’re interested in living in between your favorite stores on the Drag and North Campus, go check out Villas on Guadalupe.


2608 Salado

But what if you’re interested in living off-campus, but want more than two or three roommates? If so, maybe the rooms at 2680 Salado might be the best place for you. Located just behind the Kerbey Lane, these dorm-style rooms includes free parking, a washer/dryer in unit, balconies, patios and granite/stone counters for only $1000 per month. While there’s not a lot of options here too, with only 12- month leases for five and six people left, if you and all of your friends are interested in living together, you may want to head over to 2608 Salado.


Orange Tree

Lastly, Orange Tree Condos offers another unique option for anyone looking to live off campus. They offer privately owned apartments with either one, two or three bedrooms for only $750 to $1000. In the price of these apartments, free parking, access to a pool, a rooftop terrace and a washer/dryer unit are all included as well. Because the apartments are only one floor, and there are no other tenants beside you and your roommates, these houses will go fast as well. 

So, while these, as well as all of the options listed in part one of this series, are all great options for housing, it definitely doesn’t include all of the places where you could potentially find your new home. If you’re looking for even more options, stay tuned for part three for the last look at the various off-campus housing choices around the University of Texas.