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Local Ridesharing Service Drivers Accused Of Sexual Assault

By Megan Menchaca

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In the span of four days, police booked two different men for alleged sexual assault. They each drove cars for ride-sharing services.


According to the Austin-American Statesman, police booked Osmani Limonta Diaz into the Travis County Jail on Friday for sexual assault. In an interview with police, his alleged female victim states that, after hailing a RideAustin which dropped her off at her location, the driver got into the back seat with her and raped her.


Although his DNA sample matched the DNA found on the victim, Limonta Diaz denies the allegation, stating that he has always had good ratings on the app. He passed both background checks required to be a RideAustin and has no previous history of criminal activity.


The Statesman also reported the booking of another man, Angel Interial, a Lyft driver who police booked into the county jail neighboring Travis County, Williamson County Jail, for sexual assault. His alleged female victim also states that this driver had sex with her in the back of his car, but stipulates that she did not clearly remember everything that happened because of her intoxication.


And similarly to the case of Limonta Diaz, DNA tests were taken in 2015 recently revealed a match between DNA found on the woman and her clothes and DNA received from Interial. Like Diaz, Interial also did not possess a criminal record before the alleged sexual assault occurred, according to KXAN.


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