Photo via The University of Texas at Austin

Body Cameras will be rolling out for Police Officers in East Austin

By Megan Menchaca

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Next week, Austin police will begin rolling out their first large batch of body-worn cameras for officers on patrol in East Austin, interim Police Chief Brian Manley said. They are one of the last major city police departments in Texas to give body cameras to their officers.


The department plans to put a total of 736 cameras into service through the end of the year. Officers working out of the Austin Police Department’s East Substation in the Govalle neighborhood will be wearing the first of these cameras.


By early November and December, body cameras for police officers in the department’s downtown headquarters and the South Substation will be rolled out as well.


Police Cmdr. Brent Dupre said officers will be required to download footage from their camera after every shift, which contains an audit log with information including the dates and times the cameras were turned on or started recording.


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