The Rise of Unconventional Makeup Brands

By Erin ODonnell

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Over the last couple of years, indie makeup brands have been dominating a space that was once exclusive to big brand names like Urban Decay, Tarte, and Mac.


While it is exciting to have more than one options at the makeup counter, I can’t help but wonder why indie brands, such as Milk and ColourPop have become popular with fellow makeup enthusiasts.


The Cost of Makeup





One reason for this surge in popularity is the cost of the products. ColourPop is a great example of this, most of their products, including their liquid lipsticks, are less than $7. That means you can get roughly three liquid lipsticks from ColourPop for roughly the price of a lipstick kit from Kylie Cosmetics. Even at a low price, the quality of their products still rivals those of big name brands. It also makes more sense to buy a product from a brand with those low prices if you are a person that enjoys experimenting with your makeup. So if a trend doesn’t work for you, you didn’t spend $20 on a single makeup item.





Elite Daily


Unconventional beauty brands are often offering more diverse products in a wide range of skin tones. When Fenty by Rihanna was released this fall, the brand’s 40 different shades of foundations was the main hype of the launch, besides the name behind the brand. The foundations ranged from very pale to very dark skin, meaning there is a shade for everybody in this brand. This is great as it shows makeup is becoming more inclusive and that everybody should be allowed to experiment with makeup.




Cruelty Free International


Consumers enjoy supporting brands they feel line up with their values. Brands like Milk and Glossier are cruelty-free and are against animal testing. When a company has good ethics people feel better using it, but it also shows how much care they put into their products, thus showing how much they care about their customers.


Unique Products




Unconventional beauty brands often stick out because they offer unconventional products. Most of Milk Makeup products come in stick form. Glossier is known for their paint tube design for their products. By having unique packing and a unique premise, these brands can set themselves apart from their mainstream counterparts. The design of the packing places an emphasis on creativity. Showing that their products are just as unique as the people who use them.