New Study looks to assess West Campus lighting needs

By James Treuthardt

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Photo Credit: Deborah Cannon, Austin-American Statesman

Austin city officials are looking for thoughts on West Campus lighting near the University of Texas in a city-commissioned study according to the Austin Statesman.


The public can submit their thoughts in an online interactive map of the area between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and West 29th Street and between Guadalupe Street and Lamar Boulevard as well as through an online survey.


Following the high-profile murders of Harrison Brown and Haruka Weiser, whose murders occurred outside the area the study observes, and rising safety concerns in nearby areas the Austin City Council requested that Austin Energy conduct the survey in May.


Some students at UT question the necessity of the study. “ Why would they even do a survey?” asked Reagan Weger, an RTF sophomore living in West Campus, “It’s like obvious.” Weger believes that dark places on campus need to be lit to ensure student safety.


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