Timeline: The Aftermath of May 1

By Juan Alvarez

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The events that occurred on May 1 shocked the nation. The University of Texas at Austin lost a beloved longhorn, first year student, Harrison Brown. Three other students were transported to nearby hospitals for minor injuries.


Since the incident, two students have been released, while one is still under professional emergency care. President Gregory Fenves has since released multiple statements, but student organizations have expressed their own concerns.


Safety Concerns:


Aisleen Menezes, a second year political communication major, took to Facebook to explain her distress with the university.


“I am drained. Physically and emotionally drained,” she wrote. “UT administration and communication team, you failed us today.”


Many students and professors felt like the UT emergency alert system took too long to notify students of the events, dangers and what safety precautions to take.



Similarly, several students took to Twitter to discuss their disappointment in UT’s emergency alert system.







​Students even warned others of an alleged stabbing in west campus. Many tweeted at their fellow Longhorns to lock their apartments doors and be aware of the potential safety risks.


The student newspaper, The Daily Texan, did and incredible job of tweeting about an individual in west campus with a knife. During the time of the incident, however, UTPD released statement saying these were “rumors” and not to believe them. Students felt safe to walk back to their homes in West Campus, but that was not the case.




At 9:38pm Monday May 1, 2017. Austin Police Department tweeted a link that confirmed these “rumors” were in fact true. Nearly 6 hours after the reports were called rumors. The suspect is still at large and UT students are infuriated. Sarah Herzer took to twitter to explain her anger and was obviously backed by hundreds of students based off her retweets and tweets.





Remembering Harrison Brown:


​In the past two days students have been paying respects to Brown and victims by filling the picnic tables outside of Gregory Gym with notes and flowers. Even in front of the doors of Gregory Gym students created a memorial filled with flowers, candles, notes, and pictures to remember the life of Harrison Brown. Quickly, these areas are filled with students gathering to pay their respects and say prayers.



In an exclusive interview with a close friend of Harrison Brown — who spoke under the condition of anonymity — I learned the beautiful story of this young man. A little over a year ago.. Brown’s father was diagnosed with ALS. Brown came into this university to study neurology, in hope to one day find a cure for the disease so nobody would go through the things his family had to.


Brown was a very family-orientated young man, and he visited home at least one or two times a month to spend time with his parents. Despite the struggles he and his family face, he was an optimist and upbeat kid.


​Tonight at 7 p.m., students, faculty and family will all stand united in front of the UT Tower to honor the life of Harrison Brown. Let us all stand together and love and support one another. Longhorns take care of each other.