Courtesy of University of Chicago

UT Computer Science Students Win Midwest Trading Competition

By Stephanie Holmes

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The Undergraduate Computational Finance Team won first place at the Midwest Trading Competition, the nation’s premier algorithmic trading competition, on April 8.



The UCF faced off against another 35 schools from across the nation at the competition, which was held at the University of Chicago. The winning team consisted of computer science juniors Rahul Gupta, Vishal Vusirikala and Sam Bosak-Barani.


“It was a surprise to win, mainly because the platform itself had some challenges to work through,” Vusirikala said. “But it was a good learning experience, and I feel like I learned a lot about market making and the life that traders live in general when I visited Chicago.”


Unlike other competitions which usually allow the algorithms to be created at the event, the team was required to create them beforehand and test the algorithms in real market conditions once they were there.


“We didn’t win any individual rounds … but they awarded a bonus for consistency in your earnings,” Bosak-Barani said. “That bonus, I think, gave us enough points to go first.”


The group also won first place at a trading competition at MIT last fall and plan to participate in more trading competitions.


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