Courtesy of Quentin Cantu

Healthy Food Alternatives Offered Online For Students

By Stephanie Holmes

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Around campus there are a lot of unhealthy options for food but two MBA students are working to change that with their new online business, Ranch Hand.


“The concept behind Ranch Hand is Texas-based proteins along with greens, grains, herbs and nuts,” Cantu said. “It satisfies a lot of nutritional requirements for a healthy meal much more so than any other place on campus can do.”


Quentin Cantu and Brain Murphy deliver healthy food with fresh meat and veggies to students around campus, all it takes is a quick order online from their website. The two soon plan to open a food truck and serve on campus where students can find the usual food trucks on Speedway and 21st Street starting June 1st.


The idea for the business started when the two were applying for jobs themselves and were disappointed with the food options available on campus. Cantu said he finds it incredible that restaurants like Wendy’s or Chik-fil-A are the only things offered to a campus of over 55,000 students, and takes particular issue with O’s Cafe’s Bevo burger.


“At this point in kids’ lives, there are such high-stress situations, there are late nights, and it’s worse if you’re powering your body with junk food,” Murphy said. “We kind of owe it to the students to give them a better option because it’s just not fair.”


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