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Uber Elevate: The Future Of Flying Cars

By Rebecca McCraney

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If you think about the evolution of technology over the last decade, the world has made some outstanding leaps towards a technologically advanced world that only seemed possible in sci-fi fantasies. We are surrounded by groundbreaking technology such as smart phones, portable laptops, hover boards, gaming systems, virtual reality and augmented reality, but one question still remains: what is next?


Flying cars. What was once only deemed possible through the 1960 cartoon, The Jetsons, is now becoming a reality. Uber recently announced their newest project, Uber Elevate, that is aimed at taking public transportation from the ground to the sky.


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Uber did not invent the VTOL (vertical take off and landing) aircraft; however, they have teamed with companies such as, Aurora Flight Sciences, Embraer, Bell Helicopter, Pistrel Aircraft, Mooney and ChargePoint as well as many other aviation and technology experts and officials to spearhead the future of flying cars.


Currently, there is an Uber convention in Dallas, Texas through Thursday April 27th, to discuss the future of Uber Elevate and to announce their plan to test the first VTOL aircrafts in Dallas and Dubai by 2020. These on-demand airborne ‘taxi’ services aim to decrease the cost of a ride and the time it takes to transport from one point to another. In fact, analysts have predicted what would normally take 30 minutes to transport consumers, would only take five minutes.


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While most people are excited about the future of having flying Uber cars at their disposal, there are many skeptics that are worried about the safety, cost and air rules and regulations. Regardless, Uber remains optimistic about its Uber Elevate project, and they have used the convention to curve skeptics by providing details and logical means of attaining safe, controlled and efficient air travel.


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Technology will only continue to advance, and with the world’s current standing, it is not too crazy to imagine a world with flying cars. If you want to learn more about Uber Elevate and Uber’s initiative, check out Uber’s latest report.