Photo Credit: Rena Li

UT-Austin Police Department To Hire New Officers

By Stephanie Holmes

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Starting next fall, we’ll be seeing nearly two dozen new officers around campus.


The amount of UTPD officers at the University of Texas at Austin has been small in recent years, according to chief of police David Carter. For more than 40 years, there was a maximum of only 67 officers, but the department has been working to authorize roughly 20 more recruits, UTPD Recruiting Sgt. Jimmy Moore said.


There are thirteen new cadets currently in training who will begin next fall. The remaining eight will be lateral transfers or individuals with experience. After completing a 19-week program, cadets work on campus side-by-side with a UTPD training officer for an additional 17 weeks before they begin working alone on campus.


“Whether they’re a transfer with experience or a new guy going into the academy, it takes a while to train and to teach new officers the rules and procedures for UTPD,” Moore said. “We have to allow for a few months for that to happen. It can be taxing.”


After the death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser, UTPD and its presence on campus has been a frequent topic of discussion.


“The arrangement of officers on campus would make people feel safer more than just an increased number of officers in the usual places would,” computer science sophomore Sophie Nguyen said. “There are lots of areas on campus right now where you almost never see them.”


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