Angel Ulloa | Daily Texan Staff

UT Students Protest Against University’s Contract With Nike

By Krystal Cruz

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On Monday, students protested the University of Texas at Austin’s contract with Nike following accusations of the company’s abuse of human rights in one of their factories. The goal, students said, was to get the university to terminate its contract with Nike.


According to the Daily Texan, the Hansae factory in Vietnam that produces UT-Austin’s Nike-branded athletic apparel has been accused of having workers operate in unsafe working conditions, including unsuitable temperature and the spraying of toxic solvents.




United Students Against Sweatshops said it has been bringing this issue to university leadership for the past two years, but efforts have not changed anything with the school’s contract.


Students with the USAS hope action is taken soon because of the urgency to help the individuals working under their current conditions. “Workers are still being treated really badly. They’re still waiting on us to do something and help them,” USAS member Aileen Bazan said.


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