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FDA Rejects Texas From Accessing 1,000 Vials Of Execution Drug

By Dulce Mercado

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Texas officials were attempting to get more than 1,000 vials of an execution drug that was transported from India to Houston, however, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency blocked them from doing so.


According to The Dallas Morning News, states that use execution drugs have been trying to find alternatives since members of the European Union stopped exporting it to the U.S. and American companies stopped producing it.


Texas has been using a sedative known as pentobarbital and, according to the FDA, they have enough for their scheduled executions. The thing is, there are 240 inmates on death-row in Texas and officials want to continue using  an alternate drug called sodium thiopental.


The New York Times


However, FDA agents say sodium thiopental violates the law and that the government is forced to block it.


“The FDA is required to refuse entry to thiopental produced abroad when it appears the thiopental is misbranded or a new drug,” Todd Cato, a lawyer representing the FDA, wrote.


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