photos by Jenna Stoyanov

Synthesis Show Serves High Fashion On Campus

By Jenna Stoyanov

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The University Fashion Group’s Synthesis Fashion show took over the Erwin Center last Wednesday.


The senior textile and apparel students mesmerized the audience with their expertly-crafted pieces. Each student worked all year to make activewear looks, bridal or evening gowns, and three-piece collections.


For me, there was no specific highlight of the show because the entire presentation was excellent. There was never a dull moment, as designers consistently presented jaw-dropping pieces, such as this 2-in-1 gown, designed by Kate Wade.


“Metamorphosis” / gif by Jenna Stoyanov


One of my favorite bridal gowns was by Marc Reilly, who took a humorous approach to the concept of marriage.


“Starter Marriage” / photo by Jenna Stoyanov


Another breathtaking bridal gown was by Ariana Funug, who’s floral wedding dress looks like it walked right out of a Frida Kahlo painting. I love it when designers use colors in wedding gowns, giving us a break from the traditional white.


gif by Jenna Stoyanov


When it comes to three-piece collections, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. Because designers didn’t have any themes to follow, the collections were extremely diverse in terms of aesthetics. In her collection, designer Cindy Aguirre brought out the most adorable models and showed everyone that you can never be too young for fashion.


gif by Jenna Stoyanov


Maria Easton’s extremely flowy collection made the models look as if they were about to float off the runway.


photos by Jenna Stoyanov


Serving up a fresh take on pleats, Hailey Seller’s collection was modern yet classic. I would do anything to own one of those white jackets.


gif by Jenna Stoyanov


The meaning of eveningwear was interpreted in many different ways, resulting in each look being as unique as they were beautiful. For me, Dee Ting’s cutout dress was one of the most memorable, as I’m a big fan of both cutouts and black and white. This dress was clearly extremely well-thought out, as the cutouts fit the model’s body perfectly.


photo by Jenna Stoyanov


Van Anh Le’s black gown was also a stunner, gracefully flowing on the runway. The white bodice was a beautiful touch to a sleek black dress.


gif by Jenna Stoyanov


This was my first UFG fashion show, and I was so thrilled by how professional and well put together it was. If you didn’t make it out this year’s show, you have next spring to look forward to.


What was your favorite look?