APD Continues Search For UT Frat House Graffiti Vandals

By Alex Purcell

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Multiple fraternity houses at UT were recently vandalized with graffiti, according to the Austin Police Department.


Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Gamma Delta and Kappa Alpha have all been graffiti-marked. The first incident occurred Wednesday morning when the words “rapist” and “racist” were spray painted outside Fiji’s fraternity house. The Austin Police Department stated a notice in search of the suspects.


“The investigating detective … specifically reached out to officers who work that particular area to make them aware of that incident,” officer Destiny Winston said. “They can go through the West Campus area and have a high presence in order to deter anyone who might possibly want to vandalize the property there.”


While the police are on the hunt for the vandals, many UT students are questioning if the impact of these suspects is actually promoting a needed conversation.


“I understand vandalism is illegal, but the rape culture propagated by that fraternity is rampant and the rape and sexual assault on this campus committed by our own students cannot be ignored,” neuroscience freshman Paula Mofor said.


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