by Jenna Stoyanov

What We’re Listening To: April 2017

By Jenna Stoyanov

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Ah yes, sweet April, the month of spring showers. We experience showers from the sky, accompanied by flooding deep enough to be an inconvenience but not deep enough cancel class.  We also experience showers from our eyes as we cry about our GPAs, wishing that we would have gotten .5 better on our last writing assignment. Then maybe, just maybe, a 4.0 could be attainable. If you’re like me, and you plan to spend the last weeks of the semester lamenting over what could have been, you’re gonna need some nice tunes.


Here are the Burnt x staff recommendations for the month of April.



Krystal Cruz


AM by Arctic Monkeys / wikipedia



Snap Out Of It by The Arctic Monkeys


“I’ve listened to this song on the daily since the beginning of April when I left it on repeat while I was cleaning and couldn’t reach my phone to change it. I absolutely adore the lead singer’s smooth voice and I really dig the post-punk revival vibes.”


The Getaway by Red Hot Chili Peppers / pitchfork


Dark Necessities by The Red Hot Chili Peppers


“WORDS CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SONG. Everything about it, from its gorgeous slow-paced intro to the the ending instrumental solos, is perfect. I think this specific song highlights the skill of every band member in a beautiful melody that has an incredibly catchy chorus. When you listen to it, it is like you’re listening to each instrument speak and respond to each other. IT’S WONDERFUL. A week after I realized I had been humming it for hours on end, I looked up the inspiration for its lyrics and it is incredible. It’s about recognizing the beauty of the dark side within ourselves, because from the internal struggles we have that no one else sees, comes creativity and growth.”



Jacqueline Pena


Partition by Beyonce / wikipedia


Partition by Beyoncé


“My friends and I bump Beyoncé whenever we’re in the car together. Two of us are obsessed with Zendaya’s dance to the song, so every time we listen to Partition, we attempt (and fail at) her dance. Even if you don’t like Beyoncé, you like Beyoncé.”


Montevelo by Sam Hunt /

House Party by Sam Hunt


“This song is also on our car ride playlist. We can relate to the song because we’re close-knit, so when we hang out, it’s always the same people, but that’s what it makes it great. It’s just a great song to listen to when you’re kicking back and enjoying great company.”



Amanda Salinas


Sign of the Times by Harry Styles /


Sign of the Times by Harry Styles


“It’s only been out for a couple days but I’ve had it on repeat since it dropped! It’s really different from what he was doing with One Direction. His vocals are beautiful and the song makes me feel strangely calm. It’s just a great listening experience.”


You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates /


You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates


“This song is a CLASSIC and an instant mood booster. Everything about it makes me feel happy. I listen to it on my way to class and it really puts some pep in my step. It’s also a great road trip song!”



Jenna Stoyanov


Puberty 2 by Mitski /


Fireworks by Mitski


“Look, I showed up super late to the Mitski party, but I’m so glad I arrived. This entire album is so incredible, as Mitski gives us a close look at what happiness is to her. When I first listened to the album, I found it incredibly sad and a little unapproachable. But now I’m completely obsessed, and I’m gonna keep this album on repeat and be sad I can’t attend her Austin show because I have two finals that day.”


Coconut Oil by Lizzo

Deep by Lizzo


“I saw her perform on Samantha Bee back in November and thought she did an amazing job, but I didn’t catch her name. I forgot about her until I saw her name on this year’s SXSW lineup. I’m sad I could only attend one of her shows because it was incredible and I wish I could have seen it 100 times (luckily, the show I attended was recorded by NPR and I can relive it on youtube). Her live energy is unmatchable, and it transfers well to her music. Deep is a total bop and my favorite off of her ‘Coconut Oil’ EP.”