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‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill Changes Legal Carrying Policy

By Krystal Cruz

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Introduced in 2015, legislators must now decide on action towards House Bill 375. HB 375 proposes eliminating the requirement to obtain a license and complete complete gun safety class in order to carry a gun.


Current law states the legal age to buy a firearm is 18 years old, but in order to obtain the license required in order to carry a handgun outside of their home or vehicle, the legal age is 21. By eliminating the requirement for a license, the legal age to carry a handgun outside their home would be 18.


In August 2016, “campus carry” law went into effect, allowing individuals to carry a concealed handgun on public college campus with proper licensing. Considering this legislation might change the licensing policy, there might be change in campus carry legislation as well.


According to the Daily Texan, UT officials are unable to comment as the legislation as it is still pending, but ensures that they will monitor how the bill affects campus carry.


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