Photo Credit: Emmanuel Briseño

UHS Medical Staffers To Receive Training On Health Care For Transgender Students

By Krystal Cruz

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In the next academic year, University Health Services plans to launch training programs to ensure staffers provide accurate and compassionate care to transgender students.

According to the Daily Texan, UHS hopes to educate their staffers on new technology and appropriate terminology to make sure their transgender patients feel comfortable and safe.

These programs come in response to stories from students on campus expressing their discomfort and intimidation toward the campus health care providers.

Thatcher Combs
Photo By: Juan Figueroa, Daily Texan Staff

Student Thatcher Combs told the Daily Texan about his refusal to return to the Counseling and Mental Health Center after an appointment where the counselor repeatedly expressed surprise in Combs being transgender rather than helping him with what he went to the office for.

UHS Medical Director Vander Straten told the Daily Texan he hopes this training will prevent students from leaving UHS dissatisfied or thinking the staffers are disinterested or ill-informed.

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