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The Evolution Of A Coffee Addict

By Jacqueline Pena

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As college students, many of us see coffee as a necessity. Most of us are guilty of going through a caffeine-fueled all-nighter, but when did our coffee addiction begin? From fraps to straight black coffee, here are the stages that built up to the coffee addicts we are today.

Stage 1: Frappuccinos

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I can almost guarantee you that the first drink you ordered at Starbucks was some form of frappuccino. Regardless if you went for the milkshake-like vanilla bean or the iconic chocolate chip, these sugar-laden drinks barely contain any real coffee. As soon as you got a sip of the refreshing drink, you swore this was the only thing you were going to drink for the rest of your life, sugar content be damned.

Stage 2: Seasonal Beverages

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The first time you dared to step away from your beloved fraps was to try the new seasonal drink everyone was obsessing over. Maybe it was peppermint mocha, pumpkin spice or gingerbread, but the sound of a unique holiday flavor enticed you. This was the first time you got a hot drink, and it was a mind-blowing experience. Now, you had a drink that is actually suitable for the colder months.

Stage 3: Lattes

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Lattes, the drinks that sounded so sophisticated in high school. While everyone else was still drinking their fraps, you clutched your bougie drink, because obviously you know your drink is superior. The barista at Starbucks even knows your name, or at least, they manage to spell it right every time.

Stage 4: Macchiatos

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You’re in college now. The macchiato is the perfect combination of sweetness and actual caffeine. It taste good enough to pick up on your way to class, but it is also strong enough to keep you awake during your 9:00 a.m. lecture. It’s reliable, it’s simple and its is a staple in your beverage arsenal.

Stage 5: Black Coffee

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This is when you’ve hit rock bottom. There is no sugary goodness in your life, the only thing you can taste is the caffeine right before it fills your veins. Black coffee is the final stage, it’s the drink you call on when nothing else works. It gives you horrible flashbacks to all-nighters in the PCL. Mistakes are made after you drink this cup of coffee. After binging on this bland, sad excuse for a coffee, you reminisce about the simple times, the times where all you cared about was trying the new frappuccino flavor.