Photo Credit: Emmanuel Briseño

Racist Posters Targeting Chinese Community Found On Campus

By Stephanie Holmes

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On Sunday night, derogatory flyers aimed at Chinese students were found in the Students Activity Center and engineering buildings on campus.


The flyers were titled “Ethical Lessons to Chinese” and described a “special” course for Chinese students to learn the integrity of intellectual property and accurate representation on job applications. They also stated that it isn’t bad to steal another person’s work or lie on a job application.


Reports of the flyers were made to the Campus Climate Team, who handles bias incident reports, and quickly taken down Sunday night and Monday morning.


University President Gregory Fenves responded to the incident in a statement Monday stating that the situation was under investigation. On Tuesday, Fenves announced they had found the student responsible.


“We identified the student who may be responsible for hateful flyers, are reviewing under hate & bias policy,” Fenves tweeted Tuesday.


This incident came shortly after the announcement of a new hate and bias policy that was released last month. The policy defines different types of harassment and violent conduct, while establishing punishments and ways for student and faculty to report these issues to the Office of the Dean of Students.


“The University responded pretty fast, which we would not have been able to do without the new hate and bias incident policy, which is meant to try and resolve things really swiftly. You’re seeing a swift response” said J.B. Bird, director of media relations for the university.


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