via The Daily Texan- Briana Vargas

CapMetro Votes On Route Changes

By Jacqueline Pena

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The construction on Speedway has been a blessing and a curse. While, on one hand, students have a new pedestrian walkway, other commodities have been compromised, such as bus routes. In 2015, bus routes 8 MLK, 412 E-Bus, 640 Forty Acres, 642 West Campus and 663 Lake Austin were changed in order to accommodate the construction on campus. However, Capital Metro officials voted Monday in favor of permanently keeping the bus detours.

According to Parking and Transportation Services assistant director Bianca Gamez, the detours are being kept in place primarily due to pedestrian safety concerns. Gamez also said students were given the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the new changes.

Although this option was made available, it was not highly publicized. Students such as Michelle Sifre, an Interior Design senior wishes CapMetro would have made more of an effort to gain student involvement in the project.

While this meeting addressed some student concerns, other CapMetro problems have still not been resolved. For instance, students who live along Riverside and Pleasant Valley, such as Psychology freshman Reyna Aguinaga, wishes the 671 and 672 routes would run later. Currently, these routes stop running at 6 p.m..

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