Ivanka Trump Is Now An Unpaid Government Employee

By Krystal Cruz

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Wednesday, President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump was formally recognized as an unpaid advisor to her father in the White House. This marks her as the first child in modern history to become an employee of the White House.

Trump already has an office in the West Wing and is facing criticism questioning if her appointment as a government employee is unethical.


Trump made a statement that she will voluntarily comply with all ethics rules and serve as an unpaid employee, is subject to the same rules as other federal employees.

Trump has transferred her brand’s assets into a trust to minimize future conflicts of interest and stepped down from her brand and licensing business when her husband, Jared Kushner, joined the administration as a senior advisor. Mr. Kushner has also sold some of his assets to a family trust which he is not a beneficiary, according to Trump’s lawyer.

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