Some Austin Restaurants Remain Open After Failing Health Inspections

By Krystal Cruz

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Attention all Austin Foodies! It may be time to be wary of your food adventures.


According to the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Service Department, some restaurants in the Austin area remain open to the public despite failing their health inspections.



According to the Daily Texan, Austin restaurants such as Thai Kitchen, Las Cazuelas and Ken’s Donuts have received low scores on their inspections within the past three years. Despite this result, no action has been taken against them and their doors are still open to the public.


Vincent Delisi, assistant division manager of the Environmental Health Services Department, attributes the lack of action on food establishments that fail their inspections to the lack of resources within the health department.


Delisi says the number of restaurants opening in Austin increases every year, which makes it hard for the health department to keep up with annual inspections that protect the public.


“Without the additional inspectors, we are unable to meet the demand for inspections that is required.” Delisi said.


To read more about this, read the Daily Texan’s article here.