Pharrell Williams-Inspired Musical Coming Soon

By Dulce Mercado

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Pharrell Williams, our favorite human in the entire universe — well, at least my favorite — is creating a musical about his childhood. Titled “Atlantis,” the musical will be based on the singer’s younger years in Virginia Beach.




The film will be directed by Michael Mayer. Another writer, Martin Hynes — who is currently working on the script for “Toy Story 4” — will also help with the project.




There are so many big names working on this musical, and it is only right to do so when making a musical out of one of the most inspirational artists in history.


If you are unfamiliar with the 10 Grammy Award winning Pharrell Williams (which you shouldn’t be) here is a brief summary of some of the gems he’s taken part in:


• Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop producer for Chad Hugo for The Neptunes
• Lead vocalist and drummer for N*E*R*D
• Solo Albums: “In My Mind” and “Girl”
• Top Hits: “Frontin,” “Happy” and “Get Lucky”
• His hit clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club
• One of the producers for “Hidden Figures”
• Collaboration with “Despicable Me”


And he’s done so much more with production, which is why he’s one of the greatest in music history. To learn more read TheWrap’s article, HERE.