Juan Figueroa, The Daily Texan

FBI Director Visits UT To Talk About Cyber Extremist Attacks

By Krystal Cruz

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James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was a keynote speaker at UT on Thursday morning. He spoke about the complexities surrounding how officials are combatting domestic, international and cyberspace terrorism.

A large part of the discussion was about the utilization of social media by ISIS to inspire followers to commit acts of violence. Comey said the extremist group has been able to push out images of hyper-violence and a song that says, “come or kill” through their campaign on social media.

He explained that the terrorists who make the threats online feel a sense of security because of their distance from the US. To take away this sense of security, the FBI hopes to develop techniques to reinforce consequences on the terroristic threats made through cyberspace. One of the consequences includes imposing costs on offenders to prevent future terrorist actions.

“We must make them feel our breath on the back of their necks,” Comey said. “We must make them feel the cost of their actions.”

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