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Seven Shows You Should Start Binge Watching On Netflix

By Dulce Mercado

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If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you should definitely get one! There are tons of shows and movies of various genres to watch, ranging from crime to horror to comedy or romance. You name it and it’s there.


Here is a list of 7 shows you’d be hooked on:


1. Shameless




This show is about a family of 7 — a single father with 6 kids — that go through a lot of weird and unusual encounters. Each character has their own problems. We won’t spoil the show, but just know that one of the kids is a hoe, another is a sex addict, one is bipolar and gay, another wants to be a grown-up and another is a troublemaker/wanna-be-gangster.


The mix of personalities is what makes this show the most talked about program on social media.


2. Black Mirror




Every episode is different, so you don’t have to watch them in order. The show touches on different topics, including technology’s role in our world today. The show really opens your eyes and makes you question how our future will be with the advancements of technology. Pretty cool stuff to think about.


3. Weeds




After losing her husband and learning she now has to support herself and her children, protagonist Nancy Botwin becomes a suburban neighborhood drug-dealer. She starts selling weed and makes a killing when her whole neighborhood becomes addicted. There’s a lot of humor and drama throughout the series. You’ll definitely enjoy it!


4. Criminal Minds


The Christian Post


If you’re into crimes and bloody, gory things, then this is the show for you. The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit takes on a new case every episode and we see how they track down fictional serial killers. Lots of suspense and action with this show.


5. House


dluu93 –


If you like medical shows, this one is pretty cool. Dr. Gregory House is a total GENIUS who works on the most mysterious cases. He loves to play mind games and is a tad sarcastic. Nonetheless, this show is super interesting and intriguing.


6. The L Word




This is an old school show — taking it all the way back to 2004 — based in Los Angeles. It’s about a group of lesbians who all work in the media industry. Of course there is A LOT of drama, but its sooooo juicy! Once you start watching, you’re going to get hooked immediately.


7. The Black List


The Fluff Is Raging –


America’s Most Wanted man helps the FBI find other criminals that the unit has no clue about. Raymond Reddington (the main character) has his own set of criminals to catch on a list that he calls “The Black List.”