Songs On Ed Sheeran’s New Album “÷” Ranked

By Jacqueline Pena

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After going “off the grid” for over a year, Ed Sheeran released “÷” on March 3, his first album since 2014. The album has 12 songs, all of which have a different vibe to them. From traditional Irish folk sounds to smooth ballads to catchy up-beat pop tunes, this album has it all. Each song has a unique feel to it, that makes it unlike any other, but some resonated better with me than others. Here is each song off of “÷” ranked.


12. Supermarket Flowers

youtube- Ed Sheeran


This song just does not catch my attention. If I were to click skip for one song on this album, it would be for this song. It may be your personal anthem, but this song just doesn’t do it for me.


11. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

youtube- Ed Sheeran


Although I like every song on this album, I don’t love every song on this album. This song is a cute love ballad, that’s pretty much all there is to it. However, don’t let me discredit the lyrics of the song. The only thing better than Ed Sheeran’s voice is his lyrics. “She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home.” Words worthy of making a girl swoon.


10. How Would You Feel

youtube- Ed Sheeran


This song outranks a few of others due to the fact Sheeran’s voice is exemplary here. I personally would not categorize this song as pop, but I am not able to place it in a specific genre either. This is a good song to add to a playlist dedicated rainy weather days.


9. Happier

youtube- Ed Sheeran


Now we’re getting into the songs I love. This song is the perfect heartbreak song. The lyrics describe someone who is still longing for an ex who is clearly happier with someone else. The name of this song is misleading, as it will not make you “happier,” it will make you cry over an ex you don’t have.


8. Castle on the Hill

via Genius


One of the first songs released off of the album, “Castle on the Hill” was a huge success, breaking Spotify’s record for song with the most plays in 24 hours. This song will continue to be a hit for a while, let’s just hope it isn’t played so much to the point where we’ll be tired of it.


7. New Man

youtube- Ed Sheeran


This song is the perfect satirical piece of a pretty generally serious album. Sheeran makes fun of the “typical” guy, but he does it in a tasteful way. The instrumental sound of this song brings back vibes from his album “+”.


6. Galway Girl

youtube- Ed Sheeran


This song. This song is great primarily because it does not fit into American mainstream pop, but I can still see this song as being a huge hit among fans. This song also brings in traditionally Irish instruments, but they are manipulated to fit a pop-style agenda. Catch me in Belo humming this song on my way to class.


5. Dive

youtube- Ed Sheeran


Honestly, I do not have a specific reason for ranking this song so high other than the fact I just really enjoy listening to it. I think his voice in this song has is a mix between R&B and soul. I also really like the guitar solo on this track. But really, a good song is simply something that brings you joy when you listen to it, and that is what this song does for me.


4. Eraser

youtube- Ed Sheeran


Am I the only one who think Sheeran’s rapping is not half bad? Anyways, this song has one of the more negative messages on the album. Sheeran talks about the downside of being famous,”I think that money is the root of all evil, and fame is hell.” The rapping, as opposed to simply singing, gives this song a whole new feel, and it works well. The message in the song reminds me of his earlier track, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.”


3. Perfect

youtube- Ed Sheeran


Can I just say that I want to dance to thing song at my wedding? The name of the song says it all, this song really is perfect. This is what a love song is supposed to sound like. Not throwing any shade to John Legend or Sam Smith because their voices are amazing, but Sheeran really outdid them with this song.


2. What Do I Know?

youtube- Ed Sheeran


Let me just say first and foremost, this song is so catchy. I’ve listened to it a handful of times, and every time I do, it gets stuck in my head. This song may not necessarily become the most popular song from the album, but it is one of my personal favorites.


1. Shape of You

via Genius


While this may not necessarily be the most well composed song on this album, “Shape of You” takes #1 because it was the song that drew me into this album. As one of the two songs he first released off of the album, it was this song that assured me that Ed Sheeran would not disappoint. I was right.


Bonus Tracks

Out of the four bonus tracks on the deluxe version of the album, “Nancy Mulligan” gets a special shoutout. It is a song about his grandparents and their “Romeo and Juliet” style love story, they almost did not get married because of their different religious backgrounds. The Irish instruments really give the lyrics a story-telling feel.