Five Netflix Movies To Watch In Honor Of International Women’s Day

By Krystal Cruz

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March 8 marks International Women’s Day, which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It’s time to remember, appreciate and celebrate the awesome work of women in history. Here are five movies on Netflix to watch in honor of International Women’s Day.


1. Frida

Culture Editor (MX)

This movie follows the professional and personal life of the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who is played by Academy Nominated actress Salma Hayek.

2. Mona Lisa Smile


When a progressive art history professor steps onto a high ranked all female university, she expects to teach a generation of empowered females, but instead faces a university fill of girls who only expect to get married after graduating. She decides to challenge her students and try to show them their potential and build their own goals despite living in a society that expects them to stay at home.

3. Becoming Jane

A biographical drama that portrays the life of Jane Austen, played by Anne Hathaway, shows a piece of what Austen’s life was like as she wrote one of her greatest novels, Pride and Prejudice.

4. The Cheetah Girls

A feel-good, Disney Channel Original movie that reminds us the power of friendship between four girls in a pop singing group as they try to rise to stardom.

5. Iris

This documentary follows the 90-year-old American businesswoman, interior designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel nee Barrel, who doesn’t follow the rules in expressing herself through all things in her life.