Five Things To Do Over Spring Break Without Emptying Your Wallet

By Brooke Sjoberg

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Once midterm exams and essays are out of the way, there is only only one question left for U.S. college students to answer— what to do for spring break?




Living in Austin, it seems that there are an endless number of things to do. Group trips down to South Padre Island or Port Aransas may seem like a fun way to spend the week off, but they can pinch the pocket in an uncomfortable way. Burnt x is here to show that spring break 2017 doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun.


1. Catch up on sleep that has been missed during the first half of the semester




Let’s face it. You haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep since the semester started. Sleeping is free, and making sure you get enough sleep is shown to boost your health and well-being. College students are one of the most sleep-deprived populations, so this break is a great opportunity to catch some Z’s.


2. Read a book because you want to, not because you have an exam over it the next day




One thing that consumes a significant amount of the average college student’s free time is required reading— to the point that you may not be able to read the books you personally want to read. Take this week to make some headway into your “to-be-read” pile and get lost in between the pages.


3. Volunteer




Remember those volunteering hours you wanted to have on your résumé? They probably got pushed to the back burner once the semester kicked into full swing. This week is the perfect time to give back to your community. Try hitting up your local animal shelters, nursing homes and child care programs to see if they could use some extra help.


4. Just spend time with your friends.




It happens to all of us at some point- we end up swamped by schoolwork, cancel plans and generally live in our room or the library. Take this break as an opportunity to be social. You don’t have classes or homework for a week (unless your professor is one of those professors) and your schedule is wide open for letting your friends know that you’re alive.


5. Have a Netflix (or Hulu, Amazon Instant Video or whatever) marathon day





Don’t do it by yourself. Invite some friends, cuddle with your dog or force your cat to sit with you. Just figure out what you have been putting off for school and enjoy the fact that you can binge watch your favorite show without any responsibilities creeping up on you mid-episode.