Study Shows Pressure Is Necessary To Achieve Academic Goals

By Krystal Cruz

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UT grad student Jin Seo conducted a study that showed setting goals without a concrete plan often leads to failure. She found that creating a plan to achieve a goal gives students the pressure needed to complete the task and makes them more likely to succeed.


Seo decided to conduct the study after she realized her own goals were slipping away, despite having passion and determination for them. She found that this result was not uncommon for many students at the university level, considering college success is dependent to organizational skills.

Seo looked into the effects of “if-then” action planning and found that students who outlined a goal plan found themselves less distracted and more likely to attain their goals. Marlone Henderson, associate professor of psychology at UT, suggested students should start using “if-then” planning as early as possible in their college careers to put them on the right path.

Henderson says that simply informing students on this finding could provide them with a great tool to help them succeed.

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