Five Things We Hope The New Planets Have

By Erin ODonnell

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Nasa Discovers Planets


Last week, NASA discovered seven Earth-size planets by a nearby star, roughly 40 light-years away. Six of these planets live in a temperate zone, the temperatures ranging from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.


At least three of these exoplanets could have water and possibly life on their surface.


With the discovery of these planets, we may solve an important question within the science community once and for all— are we alone in the universe?


We may also discover which resources these planets offer in both their atmosphere and surface. While water and life are essential things for a planet to have, I hope these recently discovered worlds offer more than just the bare necessities.






It’s 2017 — there is no excuse for any place in the universe to lack wifi.


If I go anywhere, I need to keep in contact with my friends and family, especially if I am exploring strange new worlds. I don’t want my data rates to skyrocket just because there is no wifi.







I do not want to stay on a planet that has the dry and sandy climate of Jakku.


However, if the planet is like Yavin 4, tropical and warm, I just might vacation on these planets when they become available for human travel.


Plus, when we go to these worlds, we need good soil to grow food for future colonies to prosper.









The greatest grocery store on Earth needs to become the greatest grocery store in the galaxy.


When we colonize these planets, I will go there to make sure one is built, so the whole universe can relish in the low prices HEB offers.


Night Time






I enjoy sleep and need to be able to do so while I travel. The amount of daylight and nightlight a planet has will make a huge impact on whether I decide to visit or not.


If the planets have longer days than nights, I may be more productive, but it will cost my sanity.


Actual Seasons




While year-round spring weather sounds fantastic, I would rather experience all four seasons. If any of these planets have consistent seasons, I will be the first one to go.


I may just move there to remind myself what winter is and experience what a beautiful spring day looks like. Maybe I will even discover what a real fall environment is supposed to be.