Feels: Betsy DeVos Shouldn’t Joke About Cutting Reduced Lunch Programs

By Dulce Mercado

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is fixing to drive our poverty rate up the scale with a recent “joke” (we know it wasn’t for humor) she made about the Free and Reduced Lunch program.


“I’m Betsy DeVos. You may have heard some of the ‘wonderful’ things the mainstream media has called me lately,” DeVos said when she addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. “I, however, pride myself on being called a mother, a grandmother, a life partner, and perhaps the first person to tell Bernie Sanders to his face that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”


However, there are roughly 20 million students in the U.S. on this program. Most of these children only get the meals that they do at school. That breakfast and lunch can be all they have for the day.



Even though one can argue that she was “joking,” her comment is not taken lightly given the fact that Congress tried to pass a House Resolution 5003 last year, a bill that would’ve made the eligibility requirements for students to get free lunch harder to reach.


With her being part of President Donald Trump’s cabinet, her joke seems like it could be made into a reality.


There are many negative things that could happen if she truly proposes such a measure. There isn’t hundreds or thousands but MILLIONS of lives at risk. Taking away the Free and Reduced Lunch program will be such a burden to many families.


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