National Love Your Pet Day

By Sydney Mahl

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If you’re lucky enough to have a furry (or otherwise) friend, give them a little extra love today in honor of National Love Your Pet Day. Pets hold a special spot in our lives, and it’s always important to remember that.


My roommates and I happen to be in possession of some contraband guinea pigs, lovingly named Collin and Michael, who really don’t need the extra love but are getting it anyway.




Allison, their real owner, has consistently prioritized their safety is above ours.  Once we got a noise complaint and hid in a closet, because logic, but were shooed out to hide the pigs from the security officer, who could not care less about animals.  Instead, after seeing five people pour from a closet, everyone who was not an apartment resident was kicked out and the party was over.



Another time, all of our fire alarms decided to go off at 2 a.m. and when we left for a friend’s apartment, we realized that instead of bringing pillows and blankets, Allison had brought the guinea pigs instead.  There’s just something a touch ironic about remembering the guinea pigs and forgetting the blankets.


In the US, there are about 70-80 million pet dogs and 74-96 million pet cats, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and 37-37 percent of households have a dog while 30-37 percent have a cat.