Twitter Can’t Stand This Cheater

By Stephanie Holmes

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In the midst of everyone showing off their boos and their gifts on Valentine’s Day, Twitter users were responding, and getting a little heated, over a video of an ex-couple. While sitting across from each other, the ex-boyfriend opened up about his cheating ways and his ex-girlfriend gave it her all to hold herself together. The video got loads of attention: 179k retweets and 394k favorites.



Below are tweets revealing what people thought of the video and a few tips on how to deal with the next heartbreak you might face.



Seriously, round of applause for this woman for being able to sit through this as long as she did, especially without beating him with her chair.



Next time you’re dealing with a heartbreak of your own, follow these three tips to help you get through it.


1. If you must, do a quick cry. Quick.



We know it’s difficult, so it’s okay to be sad. The best advice someone gave me was to cry for no longer than 30 minutes because anything longer than that is wasting your time. Remember that the people who were waiting in line to be your next boo are also waiting for you to stop crying.


2.  Stop lurking.



As much as you want to know who they’re talking to now, it’s no good for you. This will only make things worse, and you’ll soon turn into that crazy ex that everyone hates.


3. Do you.



If that means getting your nails and hair done, then do it. If you need to throw yourself into your work or go for a run, then do that, too. Either way, do whatever is going to make you feel better and take your mind off of things for a while.