The Best Movies To Watch When You’re Sad

By Erin ODonnell

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Movies have the power to affect our mood. They may reveal human emotions that we have yet to experience or heighten specific emotions that we have felt in the past.


Every once in awhile, one might experience a bad day or even a bad week. Sadly, this is just a part of life.


However, with these movies, you can cheer yourself up and have a good laugh.




Zoolander Movie



This movie is dumb in the best way possible. The jokes are dumb, and the characters are dumber. This movie is sweet and never fails to put a smile on my face.


Who knew that a comedy about male fashion models could be so engaging and worth a repeated viewing. The lines are fantastic, stupid and hella quotable.


For the next few weeks, you might giggle to yourself whenever you think about a line. It will be hard to keep a straight face in class when the line “what is this? A school for ants?” just keeps repeating itself over and over again in your head.


Mamma Mia


Mamma Mia Movies



This may be one of the sweetest movies you will ever watch. From viewing this fantastic film just once, you will develop at least five cavities.


This musical is a great way to let off some steam. This film is a great outlet to spend the night just letting loose and forgetting about all the stress in your life. Even better, you will become a dancing queen.


Plus, who could resist singing and dancing along to a musical starring the one and only Meryl Streep?


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Scott Pilgrim



This movie is a game changer. It’s hilarious, has fantastic pop culture references and will make your heart burst at the seams.


It is quirky in the best way possible and is an absolute joy to watch. Every single minute of this movie is a minute well spent.


Plus, the soundtrack is one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time, with its video game score influence and the incorporation of talented indie bands.


Mean Girls


Mean Girls



If you have not watched this movie by now, stop reading this article and turn it on right now. Go, I’ll wait.


Okay, now that you’ve watched it, you will realize that this film is the greatest teen comedy of our generation. Not only is this movie Hilarious with a capital “H,” but it also has a great message for young adults everywhere: be yourself, and your true friends will follow and support you.