Five Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By Dulce Mercado

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If you haven’t purchased a Valentine’s Day gift for your lover yet, there’s no need to worry — Burnt x is here to help. Even if you waited until Tuesday to buy a present, there are still a few things you can get just to show you at least tried. And it’s the thought that counts, right?


Most people don’t care about what they receive anyway, they just want to feel loved. This is the perfect holiday to be cheesy and corny and not get judged for it.


Let’s go down a list of typical, but worthy, last minute gifts for your boo.


1. Flowers


Everyone loves getting a bouquet of their favorite flowers. The good news is, these are relatively easy to find and are easy purchasable at HEB or most local grocery stores. While you’re at it, you can also buy a vase (if you want to be extra nice). A small note telling your significant other how much you care about them will be the cherry on top!




2. Sentimental Card


Hand-writing letters to someone nowadays isn’t as popular as passing notes around class in sixth grade was. However, we can promise that your significant other will be completely smitten and overjoyed to receive a personal note. Pour your heart out, write a poem, say a simple “I love you,” and that will make their whole entire day. It’s little things like this that bring a smile to people’s faces.




3. Teddy Bear


As you’ve probably seen all over social media, everyone wants a huge or life-sized (or maybe bigger) bear. Lucky for you, most stores like Walgreens or CVS sell these. If they don’t sell the gigantic ones, a little, stuffed teddy bear is always a good choice. Spray some of your perfume/cologne on it so your lover can sleep with it and think of you.




4. Chocolates


Mmm everyone’s number one pick! Chocolates. This is the simplest and easiest gift to get. Chocolate is everywhere. You can go to the dollar store and find a heart shaped box filled with chocolates. Or, you can go the extra mile and try to make chocolate covered strawberries. Though they may not be the tastiest, at least you tried getting something. Something is always better than nothing!




5. Home Cooked Meal


A home cooked meal is definitely the way to go. Google a recipe and whip something up for two. Light up some candles, dim the lights, set some mood music and you’re set. A romantic dinner is everyone’s dream. Ask yourself, how often do you cook for your significant other? Most of the time, couples would rather go out to eat instead of cooking a meal at home. Switch things up a little this time and make something yourself. They’ll love it!




If all else fails, you can always just throw the food away, order pizza and watch movies. Anything that shows you put some thought into it will be a good gift. These are all things that will cost you less that $10 (well, maybe except for the life-sized bear). Totally affordable and you get to make someone feel special — what could be better?