Locally Owned Cat Takes Twitter By Storm

By Jacqueline Pena

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One of our very own longhorns got her 15 seconds of fame after her tweet went viral. Journalism major, Jenna Stoyanov, tweeted a picture of her cat caught in the act of drinking water straight from the fridge.


via Jenna Stoyanov


In an interview to Buzzfeed News, Stoyanov said her cat, Milo, has a history of being a troublemaker, refusing to learn any regular tricks.


Since Stoyanov is away from home, her mom consistently sends her new pictures of the cat’s daily activities.


Stoyanov told Buzzfeed tweeting pictures of her cats isn’t anything new. She had a hunch that this tweet would receive more attention than her other tweets.


“I have actually tweeted a bunch of pictures of my cats, because I think they’re precious and I love sharing them with people,” she said to Buzzfeed. “I kinda knew this one would be a hit, getting maybe as many as 50 likes.”



Her tweet currently has 176,000 likes and 67,000 retweets.


Although people are appreciating Milo’s cleverness, Stoyanov said the cat got in trouble for this trick. Her family isn’t too keen on the idea of drinking water after Milo has had his full of it.


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