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Art Briles Drops Lawsuit After Damning Texts Emerge

By Sydney Mahl

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Former Baylor football coach Art Briles dropped his libel lawsuit against the university Wednesday after incriminating personal texts about the school’s sexual assault epidemic surfaced.


Briles was Baylor’s head coach for seven years and it is estimated that from 2011 to 2015, 52 acts of rape involving 31 football players occurred.  Briles claimed to have no knowledge of the assaults. He brought his suit against Baylor — claiming he could not get another job with a tarnished reputation — after it was alleged that he knew about the sexual assaults and took no action.


The texts prove that Briles knew about the rapes, took no disciplinary actions against the accused players and failed to report them.


In a text to an assistant coach after learning a player exposed himself to a masseuse and asked for favors, Briles wrote, “What kind of discipline… She a stripper?”


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In another text, Briles was informed that a player brandished a gun at a female student-athlete and he responded, “what a fool — she reporting to authorities.”


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Let’s begin by addressing Briles’ horrifying attempt to sound like he’s from the hood when in reality, he’s a 61-year-old white male who made millions each year.  Drop the act and learn to use the word “is.”


But what’s truly alarming about the texts is Briles’ indifference and disrespect for the women hurt by his players. Despite having a wife and two daughters, Briles seems incapable of compassion toward women.


He has taught his players that it’s okay to disrespect women, that it’s okay to say yes when a woman says no and that there’s no punishment for bad behavior.  And that’s a world his daughters live in.  That’s a world his grandchildren will grow up in.


Mr. Briles, grow up and grow a pair.  You’re not getting hired because you’re a bad person.  You covered up four years of sexual assaults.  You valued football scores over women’s safety.


If you still can’t grasp what you did wrong, reread those texts and imagine that the women you’re calling “a stripper” and “a fool” are your daughters.  Think about your wife.  Then, maybe, you’ll be able to accept responsibility.  I hope you learn that being a man isn’t being superior to women, objectifying them or passing go when they say stop.


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