Feels: Should You Buy A Fitness Device?

By Erin ODonnell

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Let face it, everybody wishes their fitness regime was better. And while there are many ways for a college student to stay healthy, I lack the control needed in order to complete my fitness goals.


To help myself out I bought a Fitbit Charge 2. The newest Fitbit model promises to help improve your life by keeping track of your steps, how long you exercise, your sleep patterns and even your calorie count.




Now $149.95 is a lot of money to spend on a watch. However, my goal for the new year, as it is every year, is to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.


In the past, my way of completing this goal was going to the gym three days a week. At first, I would feel really good about myself, and then remember that ice cream is one of the greatest pleasures in life. However, this year I really want to commit myself to getting fit.


What Fitness Devices Do


Every model of the Fitbit tracks your steps, and you’re expected to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. The Charge 2 model also includes a heart rate monitor and sleep and exercise trackers.


The device claims to hold a battery life of roughly five days. It also gives you access to the Fitbit app and lets you sync information from your device straight to your phone. Users can also use the app to create goals and keep track of their milestones.


How it performs


The Fitbit does a great job of keeping track of your steps. However, there’s a slight adjustment period as it gets used to your walking pattern and body motion. During the first week, your step count will be higher than average. Eventually, it will match.


Other excellent features include exercise and sleep tracking, app syncing and mobile notifications. Sleep tracking allows you to improve your health (while regretting the all-nighter you pulled at the same time) as you set sleep goals for yourself.


What’s great about the device


The best part of the Fitbit is not the watch itself, but the app. The app syncs with your device via Bluetooth and keeps track with the device throughout the day. I enjoy this feature because it allows me to wear the device and not worry about keeping track of my information.


What kind of sucks about the device


While there are a lot of features I enjoy, there are some aspects that need improvement. For example, the  heart rate monitor and the calorie counter. These features are wonderful, but can be inaccurate. There’s a very high possibility that your actual heart rate is different from the one displayed on the screen.







If you have the money and you know that getting fit is a goal you want to achieve, I see no problem in purchasing this device. However, you don’t need a Fitbit to start your fitness journey. You can definitely go without it if you feel there are better things you can spend your money on.