Five Ways To Get Motivated When You’re Slacking

By Krystal Cruz

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Finding the motivation to do assigned readings or homework is hard when dealing with those post vacation blues. Avoiding the first few weeks of assignments is a one way street to a doomed destiny of late-night cram sessions. Cramming right before lecture or quizzes is not only putting you at a disadvantage during the quiz, but also sentencing you to long term panic while trying to play catch-up for a exam.

The best way to avoid all these stressful scenarios is building motivation early on. Here are five ways to get that motivation going when you are already slacking.

1. Create a Motivation Playlist


Having the right tone of music for what you’re working on could help you focus a lot more than being in the quiet. If you are hitting the gym, fill your playlist with music that keeps you moving. If you are hitting the books, make sure not to pick anything that will be too distracting. I suggest acoustic instrumentals of your favorite songs.

2. Don’t Work In Bed!!

Say this with me. Bed is for sleeping. Not for working.

3. Promise yourself a reward if you get work done


Whether it be getting dinner from a good restaurant on your way home from the library, buying that thing on your Amazon wishlist, or an episode of your favorite series on Netflix, promise yourself a reward to celebrate getting work done. In times of great struggle, a glimmer of hope can go a long way.

4. Watch a movie or video that motivates you

Sometimes we have to admit defeat for a hour or so to find the inspiration to work hard. Decide to take a break for a hour or two and step away from your work to think about something else. I like to watch TedTalks videos or my favorite movies to get past the unmotivated slump I’m in. Whether it be a movie about going to school or about the focus of your dream career, give yourself a chance to remember why all this hard work will be worth it.

5. Figure out the hour you study best

You may not be motivated or focused enough to study because you are trying at the wrong time. Some people study best in the morning and others at night. Make the effort to try studying at different times in different places to find your perfect study mojo. It may be hard to believe, but waking up earlier or staying up later might